- Striving for excellence and implementation of continuous improvement systems at all levels of the organization.

- Seriousness and transparency in fulfilling our commitments to customers and partners.

- Decision-making based on ethics and sustainability , seeking the best benefit for the company and society.

- Maximum commitment to collaboration and teamwork to improve competitiveness and service offered .

- Develop an innovative and creative vision to provide maximum value to our products and the professional hairdressing market

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Just the best quality.

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ADDRESS: 3557 NW 79TH AVE, DORAL, FL.33122   

PHONE: 305 591 2600/2601 // 786 226 6420

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Born as a company specializing in hair cosmetics, with products ranging brand, both specializing in permanent dyes, such as treatment and hair care in the professional hairdressing market. More than 15 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution, and its commitment to quality and research, guarantee a wide range of high-quality hair care products serving the best professionals and stylists. Its capacity for technological innovation and implementation of processes, have allowed to be present also in major development projects of products in various foreign markets. Your bet is to create and foster a highly motivated and with a clear vocation of service-oriented world of hairdressing and continuous improvement of products and processes team. Working in a creative and innovative way, taking care of the brand value and offering a personalized service to all customers, regardless of size. It aims to establish itself as a leading brand in all markets in which it has presence. Highlighting both the quality of their products and service, as well as its innovative nature.